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March 2019 Employee Spotlight: Kylee Scioscia

March 2019 Employee Spotlight

Kylee Scioscia

Kylee and her family have now participated in 4 polar bear plunges in Seaside Heights alongside thousands of other participants each year. Her team name is the Bayshore Swans because her family’s shore house is located in the Bayshore neighborhood of Tom’s River and their street name is Swan Blvd. Her family typically gets 5-10 participants per year and plunge in support of the Special Olympics inspired by her half-brother who lives in New Zealand. Overtime, her brother became a talented golf player and was able to participate in a similar event over there. Kylee has plunged two times in the past but this year was supporting her family from the sidelines, waiting for baby #3. Fortunately, she was able to convince Joe to represent the Scioscia’s for his first ever plunge.

Since participating, their team has raised over $6000! The frigid February ocean is a small price to pay for such a great cause!   

In addition, Kylee’s family participates in the Walk to Fight Alzheimer’s taking place at St. Elizabeth’s College each Fall. Kylee credits her mom for organizing these two family events. She does not see an end in sight; not only are they raising money for important charities but they are creating family memories at the same time. It has become tradition. She is looking forward to getting her children involved when they are older.

We will be sure to share information with anyone who would like to donate. Congratulations to Kylee and her family!

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