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We’re Never Too Busy To Help Someone You Care About

By Joe Belfatto

An advisor can play one of the most prominent roles in a person’s life, forming a long-lasting relationship and providing trusted counsel. It’s not surprising, then, that it can be incredibly overwhelming to find an advisor you trust and with whom you want to work with for the long-term.

At Massey Quick Simon, we understand this overwhelming and intimidating process. Trusting someone with your hard-earned money is no simple task. We feel lucky to have been able to build a successful business working with the individuals, families, and businesses we believe we can help and who trust us with their life savings.

Many of our clients may not realize that we’re always looking to take on great clients with whom we think we would collaborate well with. Yet, our business largely grows based on referrals our clients make.

What Sets Us Apart

We’ve been fortunate to work with a wide range of clients who do refer their friends and family to us. We believe so many people have referred others to us for a few different reasons:

  1. A passionate team. Our team has a passion for excelling at everything we do. Going above and beyond for you is what encourages us to stay on top of our game. But we understand that excellence cannot be achieved on our own. Every day we empower our team members to seek opportunities to teach, include, lead and push one another to be better advisors.
  2. Objective advice. As an independent firm and a fiduciary, we aren’t tied to sales quotas or proprietary products. Instead, we have the freedom to offer unbiased advice and gain access to hundreds of global strategic partners and first-rate technology tools we consider to be first-rate.
  3. Proprietary Investment Manager Selection Process. Our process features rigorous due diligence by a team of seasoned professionals. We have extensive experience sourcing and analyzing both liquid and illiquid investments. We provide access to talented managers, as well as providing our client with access to our proprietary analytics that measure risk and return.
  4. Strong relationships. We value and honor the trust you place in us. As your peer, we understand what it’s like to be on your side of the table, having faced many of the same critical financial, investment and legacy planning decisions ourselves and our capital is frequently invested alongside yours.
  5. Integrity and accountability.  A great emphasis is placed on being individually accountable and collectively responsible for upholding the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all our dealings. Therefore, our team takes a fiduciary approach to our partnership so your best interests are always front of mind.

The People We Serve Best

At Massey Quick Simon, our mission is to provide financial planning and investment advice that is independent, highly personalized and tailored to your needs.

We serve a diverse range of clients, including individuals and families, family offices, and endowments and foundations. Each of our clients is unique, and that is what makes them special. They come from various industries and backgrounds, and have found success in their careers. Having worked hard to build their wealth, they seek a team of professionals who can help them manage, build, and help protect it for the long-term.

Do You Know Someone Who Could Benefit From Our Services?

One of the reasons we work with a select group of clients is so we can provide personalized attention and care to each of our clients, as well as their loved ones. When you have questions about your portfolio or strategies, we’re here to help. When you experience a new milestone in life, we’re here to help. And if you have a friend or family member who has questions or needs fresh perspective, we’re never too busy to help.

If you’re a client with our firm and you’ve enjoyed working with us, we hope you’ll refer a friend, colleague, or family member who may benefit from our services. For a no-obligation consultation, please forward this to them or have them call us at 973-525-1000 or email Info@mqsadvisors.com.

About Joe

Joe Belfatto is a Managing Partner of Massey Quick Simon and is responsible for client relationship management, marketing and new business development. He joined Massey Quick Simon as a partner in 2007, after a 23 year career on Wall Street. Currently, he is a member of the firm’s Management Committee and Investment Committee and also serves as the Senior Relationship Manager on a number of individual, endowment and foundation client accounts. Learn more about Joe by connecting with him on LinkedIn or contacting Massey Quick Simon at 973-525-1000 or email info@mqsadvisors.com. 

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