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White Paper: 5 Important Financial Tools To Use When Preparing For An IPO

An Initial Public Offering (or IPO) is a big step for an entrepreneur to make. Making an initial public offering demonstrates that the business has provided enough value to sell its equity to the public, with the intention of raising significant capital. Successful IPOs also give the public confidence in the company when the offering is priced correctly and share prices rise. However, there are many complexities that a business owner should consider both prior to and after each IPO, like increased income as well as estate tax liabilities. An IPO may result in a significant windfall for the business owners, and there are five key financial tools that we’ve used to guide business owners during and after the IPO process; those key financial tools are GRATs, IDGTs, CRTs, 10b5-1 plans, and equity award plans (RSUs). To read more, press the button to download now.

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