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Holistic Planning
for You and Your Family’s Future

Navigating the complexities that come with wealth is hard to do alone. Fortunately, our team is here to help you build a holistic plan to grow and protect your wealth for future generations. Our culture and company values guide how we’ll work with you to realize your vision, fulfill your mission and achieve your goals.

  • Financial Planning: Initial and ongoing integrated financial planning that may include any or all of the following: retirement, tax, estate, charitable giving, cash flow analysis, protection planning, and business continuity.
  • Coordination with attorneys, accountants, and insurance advisors to ensure cohesiveness of plan.
  • Design and maintenance of an Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) that takes into account your liquidity needs, return objectives, risk tolerance, income needs, and tax considerations.
  • Asset allocation strategy based on IPS used as a blueprint for constructing a portfolio of investment managers selected through deep manager diligence process.
  • Publications outlining minimum quality standard views and commentary on macroeconomic and market conditions.
  • Quarterly client reports detailing performance, risk metrics, and holdings.
  • Bookkeeping and other administrative/reporting support, including assistance completing documentation related to investment activity.
  • Lifestyle management services
  • Trust administration
  • Property management support
  • Tax preparation
  • Bill pay
  • Assistance defining and clarifying philanthropic goals and structuring implementation.
  • Close coordination with tax and estate planning professionals.
  • Assistance with board governance policies and insight into private foundation management.
  • Life insurance analysis.
  • Property/casualty insurance review.
  • Assistance with collectibles inventory, appraisals, and protection.

Case Studies

The following hypothetical case studies are based on actual client experiences and are intended to illustrate MQS’ customized approach.

Managing a Liquidity Event

The Jones family built a successful manufacturing company in the Midwest over three generations. In 2005, a competitor made a generous offer for the company. The offer, which combined cash and stock in a publicly traded company, was too good to pass up. It was a bittersweet decision that presented a unique set of issues and opportunities for this multi-generational family.


Tired of Wall Street

Mr. Brown had a long-standing relationship with the private wealth management division of a prestigious investment bank. Over time, he felt his advisor lacked objectivity and was more interested in selling him products than in guiding him to his long-term goals. He began looking for an independent advisor to provide him with objective advice without the conflicts of interest inherent in internal investment product sales.


Moving Away From Self-Directed Investing

Mr. Shepherd, a successful businessman, had numerous investments made on the recommendation of friends, brokers and other financial professionals. As his accounts grew, he recognized that he needed someone to conduct more thorough due diligence on his current and prospective investment managers, advise him on the proper balance for the portfolio and provide a consolidated statement.


Guiding a Widow to Financial Independence

Ms. Morelli, a newly widowed 62 year-old woman with two grown children, came to Massey Quick Simon at the suggestion of a friend. Her late husband had managed all of their investments without the assistance of an outside advisor. He had kept Ms. Morelli in the loop in a general sense but she had never been intimately involved in the day-to-day transactions or composition of their joint portfolio. Composed, yet eager to build an understanding of her estate, Ms. Morelli looked to Massey Quick Simon for guidance and organization as she entered the next phase of her life.

Read the case study.

Helping a Young Entrepreneur Organize Their Finances

Josh Jones is a young entrepreneur who recently launched a successful technology start-up company after working as an Investment Banker on Wall Street for five years. He opened a brokerage account after his first few years of working and has been adding to it over time. He has always enjoyed following the stock market and picking single name stocks for fun. However, since his business takes up most of his time, Josh is no longer able to monitor his account closely. He was encouraged by a friend to speak with an advisor from Massey Quick Simon.

Read the case study

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