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You Work Hard to Sustain a Successful Career

Let us help you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

As a working professional, you're busy and have a lot on your plate. You may feel stretched thin between your active career, family life, and remaining engaged in your community. 

Your accumulated wealth has outgrown a simple spreadsheet and now requires more management and foresight. Whether it's purchasing real estate or paying college tuition, we want to know what your goals are and how we can assist you in getting there. As your life changes, so does our plan to support you.

Depending on your unique needs, we can provide support in the following areas:

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Join our network of like-minded women

Massey Quick Simon's Women's Network is an opportunity to connect and grow with women who also understand the challenges and struggles that wealth can create.

Our Upcoming Events

We offer a variety of events and educational opportunities in the NYC metro area that include: cocktail receptions, networking luncheons with featured speakers, exercise and wellness events, online educational webinars, personal one-on-one sessions, and small group sessions.

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